What I Will (And Won’t) Miss About America #3

My apologies for not blogging recently! But that would be hard to fit into my busy schedule of procrastinating. 

I am currently in the last FIVE days until I move to London. And I feel entirely underprepared. Although I’m sure that I’m not. I have lists for every day until I leave… two days are allotted to “fitting everything in suitcases”. I also allowed an extra day in case I can’t get everything to fit and need to reevaluate (I may be an overpreparer…my boyfriend suggested just packing on Friday…when I leave. I didn’t feel that it was a joke worth laughing at). Which would include trying on all of my clothes and deciding what to bring. Again. For possibly the fifth time. Trying on my own clothes and deciding what to keep is kind of weird. I’ve already made a commitment to them by buying them and so I feel obligated to not throw them away. For now, I’m just waiting for the rest of my laundry to dry so that I can finish packing the space bags.

On to what I will (and won’t) miss about America. I will definitely miss this chubby little beagle.


This is Abby Roo. And she is extremely distressed right now. Both mine and my sister’s suitcases are all over the house, and she is familiar with what happens after suitcases come out. But she is not used to both of us packing at the same time. For the past couple of weeks she has been plagued with what we have dubbed puppy panic attacks (usually in the middle of the night). She’s also so anxiety ridden that she seems to be trying to lick the skin right off of her puppy paws. Ok..so she’s not really a puppy. She’s 12. But she’s been treated like a puppy and a princess since day 1. She makes a habit of lying on piles of clean clothes and climbing into suitcases and trunks in order to delay our leaving (and also leave Abby hair on every article of clothing, making it virtually impossible to forget her for months to come). As neurotic as this spoiled little dog is, I’m going to miss coming home to her screams of happiness and caving in to her demands of belly rubs. I don’t know if I can stand a week of her sad pathetic puppy eyes, but I’m going to have to tough it out.

Mom keeps trying to cheer her up by telling her that “It’s ok! We can Skype Caroline! You can see her on the computer!” This doesn’t seem to change her mood at all. We’ve actually Skyped before when I was at school in Alabama. And although she could definitely hear me (there was lots of Abby Trademark confused head tilts) it seemed to confuse her more than anything and mom said that she promptly went to my room and laid on my bed for the rest of the night. Waiting for me. Does that not just break your heart?

She’s also tried to cheer her up by offering to send her to London with me! As appealing as that sounds…we’ve tried that. She came to visit “Camp Caroline” for a summer in Alabama. It was meant to be a summer. It was a week and a half. It turns out that over the course of 12 years we’ve turned her into a homebody who’s stuck in her routine and terrified of change. Although she did enjoy all of the new smells (she is a hound dog, after all), I was woken up multiple times by her barking at the couch at 3:30 am. Or barking at the lights of the cars pulling into the apartment complex parking lot. Or barking at the upstairs neighbors who were walking (admittedly a little like elephants). There was lots of barking. Beagles aren’t really apartment dogs. 

Poor Abby. She hasn’t ever been without my sister or I. She may need to be put on “puppy uppers”. With both my sister and I leaving, her and my mom might need to share them. 

I won’t miss being woken up in the middle of the night by wheezing or sleep-barking while chasing dream-bunnies, but I will miss just about everything else. Thankfully, I have another cuddle buddy waiting for me in England! Five days until we are reunited. Five pages of to do lists also…Hopefully i can get it all done! 


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